Leopold Kouogueu Kouomou



Best results:

I was many times winner and champion of Cameroon.
African champion in 2006 after two consecutive place two in 2000 and 2003! 

Winner of Amersfoort and Brunssum Open in 2006, with a fantastic victory against world champion Schwarzman, big moments of emotions! 

Champion of Holland with Denk and Zet of Culemborg in 2007 (Meurs)!

Place 8 during the world cup championship in Hardenberg in Overijssel.

Player of the first minds sports games in China in 2008!


I missed many tournaments world cup in Ufa Russia, minds sports games in France, and many big tournaments in Holland. Because of fly ticket, difficulties with Cameroon sports departement, difficulties with sponsoring etc...

Please, I would like to say to

all the sponsors

I need your support to participate on this big draughts event and others. I need to play regulary in the area of the top players, to gain experience in order to conquer the world title!! I would like to come again, among the very best of the world!

I must work and play! and to do so, your support is indispensable! I want to be an example for the youth, and work for the promotion of the draughts in Cameroon, and african countries. It is also a preoccupation for me! Because I think I have the profile to realise my dream of every times, the world title for a player of Africa is a very big chalenge! I need the support of sponsors, draughts fans, etc... to do what I like best! playing draughts, my favourite sports, element of solydarity, friendship between people of differents cultures and countries!

...best regards to all of you! and succes to Wageningen world cup! thanks...



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