Thomy Lucien Mbongo



Best results:

2012-2013 season

National ranking (FFJD) first place

2012-2013 season

Rank of active players (WFDY) 25th


Individual Senior Championship Africa Burkina Faso (Bronze Medal) 3rd place

July 2012

17th International Open Parthenay (1st) place

February 2012

Open Cannes International (1st place)

February 2011

Open International of Cannes (1st) place

2010-2011 Season

Champion of the Netherlands team with cub: Witte Van moort (1st place)

June / July 2010

Coanalyse parts of the African Championship in Bamako (Mali)

July 2010

Parthenay International Open (1st) place

June 2010

Flanders Cup in Belgium (fast parts) 1st place

February 2010

Open Cannes International (1st place)

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2009-2010 Season

Champion of the Netherlands team with the club and Mo Voledamn (1st place)

December 2009

World Championship fast games in Berlin (9th place)

February 2009

Open Cannes International (1st place)

May 2008

Championnat de France Seniors Parties semi-fast (1st place)

June 2007

Flanders Cup in Belgium (Parts fast) 1st place

May 2005

1st place champion Cameroon

December 2004

World Championship in Minsk (Poland) 7th place

December 2003

World Junior Championship in Trieste (Italy) Bronze Medal


Draughts, football, music

Persons I admire:

My Parents


Draw against the best players in the world, good rankings in tournaments and hope to be among the best in the world or the best in the future



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