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Prize money

We will have an open tournament with prize money of at least 20,000 and a tournament for women only with prize money of at least 10,000

The prize money is divided as follows
 Open tournament in E (Euro) tournament for women only in E (Euro)
no 14,0002,000
no 23,0001,500
no 32,0001,000
no 41,500750
no 51,250 625
no 61,000500
no 7900450
no 8800400
no 9700350
no 10600300
no 11500 250
no 12450225
no 13425 215
no 14400200
no 15375185
no 16350175

For the continuation of the tournament with players not qualifying for the first 16:

no 1325160
no 2300150
no 3275135
no 4 250125
no 5225115
no 6200100
All players not winning one of the prizes as mentioned above will receive E. 3 for every rating point their score is better than their current rating with a maximum of E 50.


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