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World Cup points

In this World Cup tournament points can be won for the World Cup classification, from which qualification in the SportAccord World Mind Games is done, according to the following scheme:

Players number 1 to 16 receive bonus points as follows:

No 1    100
No 2    70
No 3    50
No 4    35
No 5    30
No 6    21
No 7    18
No 8    15
No 9    12
No 10  12
No 11  10
No 12  10
No 13    9
No 14    9
No 15    8
No 16    8

All players receive World Cup points relating to their total score.

Because the players divide 12 points in each game, compared to 2 points in a normal tournament, their total score will be divided by 6 to get their World Cup points.

For the players who end on the places 1-16 this is their total score over all rounds, including the final rounds, divided by 6 and for the players who do not make it to the final rounds for places 1-16 this is their total score over the 11 rounds divided by 6.

Norms for Grandmaster and Master will be based on the results in normal games and will be normalized to 2-0, 1-1 and 0-2. The system will be chosen that works best for the player. When he or she qualifies for the finals, the first 7 games will be chosen but when including the games of the finals will be better for the player, these will be included.

For the players not making it to the finals, the 11 games played will count.

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